1.  My name is Heather
2.  I am married to The Bruce
3.  We have a dog, Murphy.  He’s an Irish Wolfhound
4.  We have 2 cats.  Fatty & Crazy.
5.  We live in Seattle, Washington USA
6.  We have no children (yay!)
7.  I hate bananas
8.  Blogger is a liar.  I have not been blogging since 2006
      *disregard this as of mid summer 2011. I ditched that Blogger fuck, so we don’t care about this anymore
9.  Parking garages and tunnels give me panic attacks
10.  I have never eaten caviar
11.  I have a 1969 Mach I Fastback Mustang.  Red.  Gorgeous.
12.  I have a Twitter account, but I don’t really use it or understand it
13.  I have no idea how long this list will be
14.  Sometimes I think that I actually live in Genoa City, WI between the Abbots and the Newmans
15.  I have lived in Ireland
16.  If you check back from time to time, there might be new shit on this page
17.  I work for a huge corporation that sucks my will to live on a daily basis
18.  My parents divorced when I was 7.  Or was it 8?  9? 
19.  I have five tattoos
20.  Facebook skeeves me out
21.  I used to be a hairdresser
22.  My favorite holiday is my birthday.  For reals.  I turn into a fucking 7 year old every year.
23.  More than anything, I wish I could own a monkey
24.  I loves my cocktails in the evening.  Screwdriver.  Orange juice for color!
25.  The best thing my father ever told me was, “Do what you want with your life, but don’t ever be a liar, a cheater or a thief.”  Word, dad.  Word.
26.  I have gone ice fishing once in my life.  Once was enough.
27.  I wish I had become a lawyer. 
28.  I don’t really celebrate Christmas. 
29.  I love the beach but not the ocean
30.  My favorite color is red
31.  My hair is naturally curly and I fucking hate it.  Why can’t it just be straight and glorious?
32.  My favorite (lucky?) number is 32
33.  I am not athletic.  At all.

8 responses to “Moi

  • trininista (@trininista)

    Your hair is awesome! that is all! lol.

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      That hair is NOT awesome when confronted with any amount of humidity after the 2 hours it takes me to straighten it. But thanks for the compliment!!

  • Rudy Flores

    face book bothers me too. if i wasn’t your friend in high school or at any other time, trying to “friend me” now is kind of a moo point (i know its mute, but i just wanted to beef up the point, so moo it is).

    p.s. i know you hate it but i happen to love curly haired women and would love to see you rock it for your fans to see just once!

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      Facebook is the devil. THE DEVIL, I SAY!!!! It’s probably inevitable that a picture of me with my white girl fro will show up on this site. *sigh*

  • Nicki

    These numbers do not sync with your list above because I am uncoordinated, math-challenged, and a little drunk.

    And probably dyslexic.

    1.) I love Irish wolfhounds. And thus, I love you. What can I say? I’m kind of a slut when it comes to dogs.
    2.) Love #6. LOVE #6.
    3.) I have to hate you a little because of the Mustang. There’s a ’68 (gorgeous white) Mustang in my parent’s basement, and that’s probably the only cool thing that can ever be attached to the phrase “in my parents’ basement.”
    4.) My evening cocktails are my teddy bear. Screwdrivers…or tequila screwdrivers…or as I like to call them, “poor man’s margaritas.”

    So, in short, I just fell a little bit in love with you.

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      Oh, my dear Nicki. I have been lurk-loving (new word!!) you for quite some time now. AND, what a coincidence (heh heh… Muriel’s Wedding reference) I too, am uncoordinated, and a little drunk. Sorry, I’m not really math challenged. Thanks for the love. It is not unrequited. If that’s even how you spell that fuckin’ word.

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