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Shock, Loss & Sorrow: Part 2 The Anger Edition

Warning:  I say ‘fuck.’  Often.

If you haven’t done so, you may want to read my previous post.  Otherwise, this profanity laden diatribe won’t make much sense.  Or maybe it will.  I don’t know.

Larimer County District Attorney, Larry Abrahamson, declined to press ANY charges against the girl who killed my cousin, Shaun.  He made this decision in court, less than two weeks after Shaun died and before the investigators from the Fort Collins Police Department even finished their investigation of the events that lead to Shaun’s death.

What the fuckity fuck??????

I am so utterly appalled by this.  This man has a duty, as a public servant, to be the voice of the victim.  No matter how this has played out with the ill-informed, sensationalism driven media, we must not forget who the victim is here: Shaun Cassidy.  Azura Lakin is what we educated people commonly refer to as the DEFENDANT.  It matters not how she cries out in front of news cameras that she was “beaten and strangled”.  She is still NOT the victim here.

How someone can invite another person into their home, then dispatch them for whatever reason they so choose, [read broken cell phone], then not even be brought before a judge or a jury to decide if it is indeed self-defense is beyond my comprehension.  How can one man arbitrarily decide that she is immune from prosecution?  How???

In an email exchange with Mr. Abrahamson, I asked him why Azura’s original statement that read, “I hit him because he broke my phone.” was not a factor in charging her with a crime.  His response made me ill.  He said,  ‎”Once he entered she could change her mind or reasoning for hitting him”



What the fuck?  She could change her mind for striking a deadly blow, not at the moment that she opened the door for him, but a week later????  Am I taking crazy pills???  Has this man lost his mind?

I feel sorry for the people of Larimer County.  Be careful whose home you enter; invited or not.  You could be the next one on the coroner’s slab with your killer skipping freely down the street to commence with their next cocktail.



Shock, Loss & Sorrow: Part 1

This blog is usually a place for humor.  Normally I write about funny, random and bizarre shit that I see.  This post will not have any humor in it.  If you came here for the funny, you’ll have to check back another time.  This post is about tragedy and has been very difficult for me to write.  Due to its length I will break it into multiple segments.  I can’t say when each segment will be published as I don’t know where my mind will be from day-to-day.  In the midst of all of the things that you will read about below, my father became ill and has been in the hospital here in Colorado since October 14th.  I have had to take a leave of absence from work to care for him and don’t know when I will be able to return home to my husband, whom I miss very much.  As of this writing, I am still in Colorado and my father is still hospitalized.  ~ SF 

This post is written with my opinions and understanding of the events that allegedly happened.  If there are any mistakes in regards to dates, times etc, it is unintentional.

My cousin, Shaun, was killed earlier this month.  It was a shocking event that ended his life.  It was something that never should have happened.  It has devastated my family and thrust us all into a world that we never thought we would know.  No family should have to endure the pain that my family is dealing with now.  Not one.

On Saturday, October 1st my cousin, Shaun Cassidy, traveled six hours from Montrose, Colorado to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit his ex-fiance, Azura, for a weekend which she had invited him for.  My understanding is that they were possibly trying to work things out in their relationship, whatever it was at the time.

Shaun arrived at Azura’s home as an invited guest and stored his belongings in her home.  That evening they traveled to down-town Fort Collins to have a night out together.  It was not to be a happy night for anyone.  Azura apparently did things to make Shaun jealous; hugging and dancing on other men, etc.  An argument ensued at the bar.  It is reported that he broke her cell phone and this angered her.  I’m told that she and her male friends left together, leaving Shaun at the bar where he knew no one and was six hours from any family or friends.

Sometime around 3:00am Shaun had managed to get a taxi back to her place, I believe to try to collect his wallet, keys and other belongings so that he could leave and go home.  An argument and some sort of push and shove situation happened.  Azura and her 18-year-old sister apparently kicked Shaun out of the apartment.  However, it seems that they kicked him out without giving him the necessary items that he would need to leave.  Things like his car keys and wallet.

Apparently, Shaun began to knock on her door again in an effort to retrieve these needed items in order to make his escape from a girl who was possibly intoxicated and angry over a phone that he allegedly broke of hers.

Instead of calling the police to report him as someone who was banging on her door, it is reported that Azura went to the kitchen, grabbed a beer bottle, opened the door and struck Shaun in the head.  She then proceeded to strike him again, cutting his throat.

Go ahead, take a moment to digest that.



She struck him in the head.

Then she cut his throat.



He was apparently shoved outside where he crawled down the steps and was later discovered by first responders who gave the best life saving efforts they could.  Shaun lost 50% of his blood by the time he arrived at the hospital.

My family drove the six hours to Fort Collins as soon as they heard the news.  They are amazing people and they never left Shaun’s side from the time they found him in the hospital.  I was stuck in Seattle while all of this was going on.  My heart and head were addled with sadness and frustration from being so far away from a family that I needed to be with.  Whether they needed me or not; I needed them.  It was torturous for me not to be there.  As soon as I could, I flew to Colorado to be with them.

MRI’s on Shaun’s brain showed massive strokes from the blood loss.  He was on life support for a week.  The doctors said that the brain damage was so severe that he would never breathe on his own, never speak, never walk, never talk.  He would be forever in a state that is known as Locked In Syndrome.  He would never be Shaun again.

My family collectively decided to do what they thought was best and what Shaun would want.

They took him off of life support on October 8th.

He died in the early morning hours of October 9th.   He was 23 years old.


Azura was initially arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and second-degree assault.  In her initial statement to investigators she said, “She attacked him because he broke her cellphone.” (*source)

After Shaun passed away it seems that Azura’s story changed.  She now claims that Shaun was beating her and choking her.  What a convenient and crafty change in her story.  I say that because Colorado has a law that is commonly referred to as the “Make My Day Law”.  This law states that a homeowner may use deadly force against an intruder while inside their home.  My understanding is that the law was designed for home invasions and I have always supported the law; when it is used properly.

In no way do I feel that this was a home invasion. I do not believe that Shaun was an intruder.  In my opinion he was an invited guest in her home.  This was domestic violence that ended in manslaughter.  I don’t believe for one second that girl felt threatened or scared.  I believe that she was intoxicated and pissed off.  I’m told that she has a history of this type of behavior.  This time, her actions caused the death of my sweet cousin, Shaun.  He loved her and this never should have happened.

That girl had a duty to call the police if she was indeed feeling threatened.  I believe she was on probation for a DUI in Montrose County and was, I’m told, court ordered not to be drinking. Could this be the reason she never called the police?  Or perhaps she simply didn’t need the police because she didn’t feel threatened in the first place.  Of course this is only my speculation.

Next post: Azura’s court date: How will the Larimer County District Attorney proceed with the case.


*Comments for this post and the ones that follow will be moderated.  I will not let my family read any more ugliness from internet trolls who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about and I most certainly won’t allow it to happen here.


Shaun Peter Cassidy


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Oh Internets.  Sad times are upon me and  I’m taking a leave of absence of sorts from this blog for a bit.  A tragedy has befallen my family and I am simply not myself right now and am in no mood to be the funny, snarky, foul-mouthed Heather that usually resides on this little piece of the Interwebs.   As a matter of fact, I really just want to be “kick-a-cunty-whore’s-ass” Heather, but that really wouldn’t make things better for anyone, right?  Right? 

 Hopefully, everything will turn out ok (oh-my-fucking-shit-I-need-it-to-all-be-ok) and I can write about it here one day, but for now, I just can’t. In the mean time I’ll be missing all of you fuckers.   And as Jerry Springer would say, “Take care of yourselves and each other.”

Ciao for now ~ SF

 p.s. ~ This isn’t about my cat.