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This Place Looks Like Shit. Who’s In Charge Around Here?

Oh hello, Internets.  Internets???  Hello?

Fuck.  I’m talking to myself now aren’t I?  I’m not surprised.  I’ve really let this place go.  I wouldn’t want to come here either.

Well I’m here now.  And I feel like just by doing this; you know, showing up, I could maybe get inspired to produce some poorly written, profanity laden bullshit once again.  And maybe I’ll make people laugh again.  HA!  I’m such a dreamer.

You see, when I last posted I told you about my promotion that was totally getting in the way of me wasting time at work.  Well, I wasn’t kidding and neither were the demanding hours and tear-inducing stressors that came along with the extra $0.0003 an hour.   Yay for climbing the corporate ladder!

Anywhooo… I lost my inspiration for this blog but found myself having fun with my photo blog.  But that’s not all…

I knew what I wanted to write about for my next post here (when was the last time I posted here?  May 17thish?) Fuck.  Now I just look lazy.  But wait!  I can explain!

I wanted to post about when I got my titties on Tommy Lee’s Titty-Tron at a Motley Crue concert last Thursday a few years ago.  And I had some fabulous photos to accompany said post.  So, I delayed the writing until I had time to find the photos.

Time passed.

Then I got the boxes of photos out of the basement.

Time passed.

Then I found time to look through the photos but got distracted by pictures of my dad’s striped pants that he wore at my parent’s wedding reception.

Time passed.

Then I found a picture for my post!  But it was just one and I knew I had more and I needed more for my post!

Time passed.

Then I received notice that my domain name was due to expire if I didn’t renew it and I had a come to Jesus boxed wine moment.

Do I really want to let this thing die?  Do I?

The answer is no.

So I’ll find those pictures for the post about my titties or I won’t.

Either way I’ll be making more of an effort to do what I love with this site which is to assault your delicate senses, Internets.  HA!  Delicate!!!  AS IF!!!

Now here’s a picture of me sitting at my computer paying pills while wearing my mom’s wedding veil to show you how serious I am.



Cheers ~ SF