Let Me Explain

I’m not diabetic.  I do not have a sugar allergy or intollerance.  I do not have even the slightest aversion to sucrose.  In fact, I love sugar.  Sugar Free is just a nickname Bruce gave me when we first met.  Even I can’t recall exactly why he chose those words.  I think it must have had something to do with my (cough cough) colorful vocabulary.  Basically meaning that there was nothing sugary about me.  Yeah, I’m a gem.  Anyway, it stuck.  He still calls me that to this day….

Me:  “I love you baby”

Bruce:  “I love you too.”

Me:  “How come?”

Bruce:  “Because you’re my Sugar Free baby.”

Me:  **smile**

Bruce:  “And because you don’t smell horrible.”

Me:  **sigh**


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