The Quitter

Fuck, Internets.  What can I say about my lack of doing anything with this blog anymore?  Oh, I know!  How about the fact that my job is sucking my will to live and I have no desire or energy to do any of the things that I like to do anymore?  I mean lately.  Whatever.  Things that I may not necessarily be good at, but goddamit, things I like.

Writing?  Sure I use horrible language and my punctuation and sentence structure are questionable at best but I like doing it ‘n’ shit.

Reading blogs I have come to know and love?  Forget it.  I manage to read a few but then just put my Sponge Bob jam-jams on and curl up on the sofa and hope sleep comes soon.  It never does.

Taking pictures and learning new ways to process them?  LOVE it!!!  But I don’t do much of that anymore either.

Sitting on the basement steps listening to my husband’s band create musical awesomeness?  I now find myself letting them do their thing while I sit in the living room and I just crank up the volume on Intervention or Hoarders so I can TRY to see that my life isn’t so bad.

Cooking?  I love shopping for ingredients, trying new recipes and cooking for my husband.  Bruce is now about 100 pounds and looks as if he may have Rickets or some shit because there is only a rotted onion, four ketchup packets and a bag of limes in the fridge.  The limes are for my vodka so I’m doing fine. (HA!)  Poor husband.

*le sigh*

I can’t go on like this anymore.  I can’t keep letting the shitty shit-ness of my work life suck the happy out of my home life anymore.  It’s not healthy and it’s not good.  I did not arrive at this decision easily, but I am going to resign from my job after the holidays.

Why after the holidays?  Because I have some sweet-ass paid time off coming up and a company funded “meeting” at a winery next month.  Whaaat?  I meant to say that I’m a really great employee and I don’t want to leave them high and dry for the events coming up in the next two months.  Shut up.

As I write this I am huddled in my chair at my computer desk with my headphones on, holding my head from time to time, listening to the heaviest of music at the highest volume, ignoring my husband and our guests because I just can’t be social right now.  Writing didn’t used to be this difficult.

*le sigh sigh*

For the next two days I will process and transmit payroll for about 350 people while dealing with all of the HR issues and other random shit that pepper me all the live-long-fucking-day.  Ugh.  Shoot me now.

It wouldn’t be so bad if people weren’t such assholes.  The photos below will give you an idea of what I deal with and how I would LOVE to respond to the shit-show that is my job.


A polite request. This should do the trick.



They’re still knocking? Fine. I’ll drop the please. Surely they’ll see that I’m serious.


Well now you assholes don’t get a “Thank You” in fancy font.


…and so it goes


Irritated. Not unstable. Yet…


Apparently everyone I work with is illiterate.


Where’s my taser???


Where is my escape hatch????????




I really really do.



This one makes me smile because…soon…


Cheers ~ SF


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9 responses to “The Quitter

  • PSsquared

    Nick needs a taser to the balls. I’m so sorry work sucks. You’ve given it your all. Maybe when you visit the winery, you could just happen to have a copy of your resume that some how just accidentally ends up on their HR persons desk??? That wouldn’t be bad form. I hope you find something you love. In the meantime….more deep-fried bacon.

  • Mynx

    Big hugs sweetie. I know all about how work can truly suck the life out of you. Big decision to resign but I know you will be heading forward to better things.

  • Matt

    I understand what you mean – I actually did the same thing about 1.5 years ago. I didn’t entirely realize how miserable I was until I looked at another job and imagined myself working somewhere else. That was when “happy” came back and I knew I had to quit. So best of luck. And just remember that vodka doesn’t judge and will always be there for you.

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      I imagine that my job is hosing hobo urine off of the sidewalks downtown and I get happy. Yeah. It’s that bad. Vodka helps everything. 🙂 Thanks, Matt.

      • PSsquared

        I have a friend who is currently fantasizing about crashing her car so she won’t have to go to work. She has to last until May. If you hosed hobo urine, imagine how many crazy dudes feeding ice cream to their dummies you’d see??? You should tailor your resume to hobo urine hoser….

        • Heather aka Sugar Free

          Holy shit! I TOO have had those thoughts! Except instead of crashing my car I have dreamed of getting hit by a car while leaving work. I cross a lot of streets ‘n’ shit, yo.

          • PSsquared

            I had another friend who wanted to crash her car and be hospitalized, to avoid work. That’s when you know it’s time to move on. I vote you just get grazed though, without permanent injury, ‘n shit.

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