I Survived

Don't make fun of my beach snuggie. It was chilly so I stole it off of Murphy's bed.

Internets, I did it.  I survived 5 days with two teenage girls.  There were no injuries, no tattoos (dammit) and the only one who was caught with their hand in the liquor cabinet was me because, obviously.  Fun was had by all and I can honestly say I had a really great time with them.  We did a shit-ton of stuff and I will post some pictures and stories over on Worth 100 as soon as I get through sorting and editing the mess of pictures that I have to share with my family on The Facebook.

In other exciting news, I am a contributor to another blog: The Adventures of Pagan Kitty!  Before I go any further I feel I must give you the back-story on Pagan Kitty.  It’s pretty fucking awesome you guys.

Pagan Kitty

Back in October when life bitch-slapped my family and we lost our dear Shaun, I was a complete wreck and I voiced my pain to the Interwebs.  Well, someone heard me and recognized that pain.  She consoled me with her words and understanding.   And then she took it a step further.  She took something very near and dear to her heart and she sent it to me.  Me!  A complete stranger! 

Pagan Kitty is a funny card that someone gave to my now friend Boris’ mother just before she passed away.  Boris told me that she had carried it in her purse for 3+ years and it gave her great comfort.  She wanted me to feel some comfort during my painful time and that’s how I ended up with Pagan Kitty for a spell.  When I say a spell, I mean I just mailed her back yesterday.  For six months I’ve carried that card around with me and I indeed felt comforted.  Thank you, Boris.  You have no idea how that touched my cold, dark heart.  I will be forever thankful and I do in fact consider you a great friend.

I became somewhat very attached to Pagan Kitty and realized that I couldn’t let go of her forever so I made a replica.  PK has gone back to her rightful owner and now PK2 will see me the rest of the way. 

And then there were two.

Boris put up the website The Adventures of Pagan Kitty yesterday and the point is… well just go there and read about it because I posted there today.  It’s a work in progress so bear with us.  Maybe Pagan Kitty will go on to help comfort and watch over more people all over the world.  How fucking awesome would that be, Internets?

Cheers ~ SF


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5 responses to “I Survived

  • PSsquared

    Awww, from my icicle heart to yours, cheers! And I’m totally stealing the beach snuggie from Murphy when I come to Seattle this summer! I’m super excited about PK’s new site. Thanks for classying up the joint!

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      That beach snuggie was a goddamn lifesaver. I had come prepared with a jacket but another (younger) person did not so I gave mine to her. The Pagan Kitty site is tits. Tits I say! Like you said, it’s not often something can be hilarious and comforting at the same time. Thank you again for letting her stay and watch over me for so long.

  • Mynx

    what a gorgeous card and I love the idea of following Pagan Kitty’s adventures

  • kage

    dude! i seriously want a PK and a honey badger!

  • bruce

    pay it forward…

    oh and glad you survived…

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