Words I Need To Have Added To The English Language. Immediately.

What the fuck?

I, like a zomillion others in the land, love me some Words With Friends.  I’m not really that good at it but who gives a shit, right?  It’s something to pass the time at work.  I mean on the bus.  I’m sure that I am not alone when it comes to the practice of trying each and every letter in your tray in a space to try and make a word that you know goddamn good and well isn’t a word at all.  

I was having a round of this today while playing a game with my buddy Boris. I used the message feature to let her know that I thought it was complete and total bullshit that “elunodes” wasn’t a word.  She thought it was an awesome word.  She’s right.  It is an awesome word.

Here are some other groups of letters that need to become official words that are added to the English language so that I can actually win one of these fucking games:











So get on it, Internets!  Come up with some definitions for these words and start a petition or something.  And be quick about it because it’s my turn to play and this bitch is beating me.  Again.

Cheers ~ SF

If you like playing WWF and enjoy winning, play me!  My handle is SugarFree32  And if you play Scramble With Friends I would love to play a game with you because that shit is wicked fun.  Hangin’ With Friends can go fuck itself.

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