Cry Baby

Internets, I’ve become a cryer.  It’s annoying.  Not as annoying as this  Cryer…



…but annoying nonetheless. 

I guess it’s just part of the “grieving process” but really, it’s getting out of hand.   Yesterday my co-worker told me a funny story about her gyno busting her trying to take a picture of her underwear in the exam room (don’t ask) and I was all smiles and chuckles, but when I turned to go back to my office, a chipped tile or the snack machine or some random thing made the goddamn waterworks start.  It’s nothing new to me, after all, I went through the same bullshit when Bob died and oh-my-fucking-shit-it’s-been-almost-two-years!!!!


I better just get to the point of this post before I lose my shit and can’t type anymore. 

Wait, what was my point?

Oh yeah, a list.  Here’s an exhaustive list of things that have made me cry recently.  I won’t tell you which ones made me teary because of recent happenings and which ones made me cry just because they are.

 ~ Raisin Bran

~ Ozzy Osbourne

~ A homeless guy with one shoe

~ Key Limes

~ Insulation

~ The word ‘Occupy’

~ The Colonial Pen Life Insurance commercial

~ Photographs

~ A missing button

~ Kittens

~ Rain (Shut it.  I know I live in Seattle)

~ A calendar

~ Prince’s Purple Rain (I know, WTF?)

~ Laundry

~ The overly gay guy from that Expedia commercial

~ Every person who has asked me where I’ve been for the last month   (I’ve decided to start telling people that I was in jail or maybe getting gender reassignment surgery.)

~ The letter ‘K’

~ Bananas

~ My paycheck

~ Mick Jagger

~ Christmas shit

Also, I’m on the Google+ now so I suspect I’ll have something else to make me cry very soon.  Happy fucking Holidays, everyone!

Slainte ~ SF


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31 responses to “Cry Baby

  • Maxwell (@MisanthropyBlog)

    You should find something that makes you inappropriately giggle. Like clubbing a baby seal. Keep a cache of baby seals in a bag, and whenever you feel like crying, club a baby seal.

    For better effect, club the baby seal in front of annoying coworkers, especially if they make you cry.

  • Sunny

    I can SO relate! I hope you give yourself room to cry when you need to. Getting the cries out will help bring the funny back. But that said, not to worry, you are still funny…You still shine 🙂

  • Bouncin Barb

    Everybody is so different in the way they grieve or remember things that trigger these tears. Because we were fortunate to know that we had 2-3 years before Rich’s illness would take him, I guess I mourned and grieved when he was alive and could console me. After he passed it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. But there are certain moments or triggers that will bring tears to my eyes but it’s usually tears of happiness in a great memory. It does get easier with time. Meanwhile,,,,cry your heart out if you have to! It’s therapeutic. Hugs.

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      It’s all a series of triggers and waves, right? I think I just really miss being with my family on top of everything else. Thanks for the hugs, Barb. You, my friend, are a gem.

  • Tara

    Pass the tissue please…

  • Heather aka Sugar Free

    Cuz, let’s sit with a box of tissues, a case of beer and a shit-ton of cocktails and cunt punt the shit out of 2011. You in? Love you, Cheese.

  • dudepoop

    beer? im in cuz

  • becca

    i can so see why some of those made you cry hope things get better soon..hugs

  • MonsteRawr

    To be fair, Ozzy Osbourne makes me cry, too. When did the Prince of Darkness become such a fucking joke?

    I hope you find some smiles!

  • Mynx

    Oh I am a cryer too at the moment. Takes very little to set me off. I know it is just a reaction to stress and crying is actually good for me, but damn I am sick of running mascara and screwed up soggy tissues.

    Hope you feel more balanced soon sweet lady. Let the tears fall if you need to. You will feel better after.

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      Mynxy, for some reason it makes me feel less like a freaky cryer to know that I have a “cry buddy” on the other side of the world. Balance; it is a good thing. I hope I find it soon. I hope you find it too, lady. As far as the mascara: Cargo – Texas Lash. Tear proof, not water proof so you don’t need turpentine to remove it. It has gotten me through two recent shit storms in my life. Cheers, love.

  • abeerfortheshower

    Yeah, homeless people and Christmas shit make me want to cry too. This time of year always highlights for me how bad of person I am.

  • Katy Anders

    Ozzy sort of makes me cry, too.

    The homeless guy with one shoe… Well, not lately, but there IS that viral picture of the homeless guy with the sign that says, “God is a Sock.”

    That gets me every time.

    Good to see you back!

  • The Suniverse (@TheSuniverse)

    I’ve been getting ridiculously teary lately [although I have no reasons like yours, which I’m still sending good thoughts your way], and I was NEVER a crier, so it’s disconcerting.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t think about the turkeys [which I drive by and think, DELICIOUS].

    • Heather aka Sugar Free

      Tearyness and the things that make it happen suck. Suck hard! Happy TG to you, my friend. Turkey is delicious and does not freak me out at all with any salmonella paranoia. Swearsies. I’m a fucking liar.

  • kage

    it’s okay, raisin bran makes me cry too. especially when i eat too much of it. hang in there sugar freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • The Penguin Gazette

    my paycheck makes me cry too, that’s why i steal things….ummm….no i don’t….um I don’t know what you’re talking about….those crown jewels have always been in my top drawer….shhh you know NOTHING and you NEVER saw me!

  • Colombian Princess

    I love Mick Jagger and key limes!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment.

  • Heather aka Sugar Free

    I love Mick Jager too, it’s just a song that made me cry.

    I’ve actually been reading your blog for awhile now. I’m just an asshole that lurks sometimes. I love your blog!

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