I’ve Been Published!

Hey Internets!  It’s a big day here at the SFT.  First of all, as the title implies specifically states, I’ve been published!  But we’ll get to that in a minute.  The other big thing is that WordPress informed me that this is my 100th post.  I’m going to trust WP on this because I don’t fucking keep track of shit like that.  So happy 100th, to me.

Now, on to the more important stuff.  I’ll start at the beginning so that you can get the full effect of it all. 

Last week I was at work and I was actually doing a work related activity for once which was mailing out something or other to a shit ton of employees which required me to make a shit ton of address labels.  I looked at the address for the next employee and this person lived on a street called Langworthy.  But my brain didn’t read “Langworthy”.  No, my juvenile brain read “Wangworthy”.  I chuckled alone in my office for a few minutes because I’m a child, and  then I decided that the 4 people that follow me on Twitter needed to know about it so I tweeted it.  Not the Hero responded immediately to the awesomeness of the word.  Then so did Jewels.  Then so did Maxwell.  NTH even worked it in to his weekend shenanigans and wrote a Hungover Monday post about it and Maxwell also wrote an awesome post where he managed to use wangworthy like 14 times or some shit.  Admit it, it’s a pretty sweet word.

Being ever so pleased with myself and my new word, I decided to share it with the masses.  Enter:  Urban Dictionary.  I wrote a definition, gave a few examples submitted it and waited.  

And waited.

Then today I opened my email right away when I got to work because there’s no way I’m getting to the office and getting all productive right off the bat, and there in my inbox was the email, “Wangworthy has been published.”  (Just disregard that other definition that I was shocked to see there.  It’s MY word goddamnit.) But DO take notice of the word “Wangxiety” on the left and have a good giggle.


Now get out there and use the hell out of my awesome new word, Internets!  Make me proud.

Cheers! – SF


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