This Title Has Been Moved To The Post Body Due To It’s Incredible Offensiveness

The original title read:

Blogger Is A Cunty Faced Whore.  There.  I Said It.

I changed it because I realized that I am lucky enough to actually be on some of your blog rolls and perhaps you don’t want words like “cunty faced whore” on your sites.  I’m thoughtful like that.

I haven’t been commenting on many blogs lately and I want to show you why.  Yes, show you.  This post will consist mostly of poorly edited screen shots because if I allow myself to add too much text it will most likely end up being more angry words like that title up there.

Here we are at my Google homepage.  Excellent.  All signed in and ready to blog my little heart out and read/comment on all of my favorite blogs!  Yay!!


Ok.  All seems well on the SFT dashboard.  Let’s head on over to my homepage and check out the new shit on my awesome blog roll!!


Wait a tic.  It seems as though I’m not signed in now.  Naaaaaa….. I just came from my dashboard and I was totally signed in.  No matter.  Let’s go read Kage’s new post at Sex Sequins + Sociopaths.  There’s always something spectacular over there and I can leave one of my brilliant comments for her!!


NOOOOO!!!!  I refuse to leave comments as anonymous all over the place having to explain WHY I’m commenting as such.  This is some bullshit.


What the shit????  Oh, now I’m fucking logged in?  I give up.  This makes no fucking sense.



Post Script – After spending hours and hours creating this post (shut up) I realized I can comment with name and URL….which I guess is what I’ll be doing from here on out because this shit has made me seven levels of crazy since it began it’s “let’s fuck with Sugar Free” campaign a few weeks ago.


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