The Upstager

Since most of the comments left on my last post were about my Murphy dog, I thought I’d share some pictures of him taken recently with a few of our friends and some from when he was a puppy.  Enjoy!

Murphy is my 2 year old Irish Wolfhound.  He’s my buddy.  He is 7 feet long from nose to tail and weighs in at about 150 – 160 pounds.  He enjoys peanut butter, ice cubes, PBR, sniffing cat butt, scaring the pizza guy and long walks on the beach.  He knows how to sit, stay, and catch.  Because of his height, we stopped teaching him how to shake hands.  He kept nutting all of Bruce’s friends. 

If you would like to read more about these amazing dogs go here.

Looks like someone is getting a reach-around…

Murphy’s best buddy, Dario, over there on the couch.

Of course, he wasn’t always such a gigantosaurus…..

It seems like forever ago that he was this size.

He fit in that life jacket for about 2 weeks.

No making fun of my hair, I was on a boat for a few days.

He loved that dinosaur stuffy.

*sigh*……kids.  They grow up so fast. 



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