I Need This

Headed to the coast for the weekend.  Catch ya in a few days.


La Push

Go ahead….giggle.  I am.



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5 responses to “I Need This

  • Rafa

    I know I'm probably gay for knowing this…But did you just go all "Twilight" on us? Fir my defense, I am married and my wife made me watch these movies….(i also love Kristen Stewart) Anyway, did you?

  • Heather (aka Sugar Free)

    Rafa – I totally knew you were gay. You have now proved me right. Just fuckin' with ya. I do know that the Twilight movies were based in that area, but to answer your question, no; that is not why we are going there. It's just another coastal exploration quest of our new surroundings.-i'm totally looking for sexy werewolves while i'm there….maybe…yes?-And KS??? Runaways???? Hel-OH!!

  • Oilfield Trash

    Oh I am jealous. Have a great time.

  • hed

    I seriously hope in your awesome weekend journey you don't run into tweens freaking out that they are in the SAME PLACE that Bella drowned and saw Edward in the water and all that shit.But oh God if you do you have to blog about it! Have fun!hed

  • Kage

    um…i am so lost.but have a good weekend!

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