I Might Pay That

Kevin Smith has a new movie coming out and before it’s officially released in theaters, he’s taking that bitch on the road!  One of the places he’s going with the movie just happens to be my fair city of Seattle.  Suh-weet.

Another Jay and Silent Bob movie it is not.  The fabulous Mr. Smith threw a curve ball at me and this movie is a thriller/horror.  A thriller with cuckoo religion to boot.  And I love me some freaky scary movies with religious shit.

Lovin’ the poster

From what I’ve read it’s based loosely on this nutbar….

….who is the pastor of some independent freak-show church in Kansas. (The web address for his church is actually  godhatesfags.com.  For reals.)  He also thinks that this kind of shit is acceptable….

Silly kids.  Don’t they know that there is no god?

Let’s get back to the point of today’s post.  Kevin (yes, I’m on a first name basis with him now) is bringing his film here to Seattle on this road show tour thing and I really want to go see it.   The ticket price is $69.  Yes, $69 to see a movie.  You can read the whole explanation for this here because I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands to explain it all.  Well, I do, but I’m not going to.  Why should I when he’s done such a great job of it anyway? 

Why don’t I just wait until it’s official release in October and pay the normal price for a ticket?  Because Kevin will be at the show and will be having a Q&A afterwards.  (for that price there better be free goddamn drinks too)  Just kidding.  I’m rationalizing it by saying that I’m paying that money to go see Kevin Smith and there just happens to be a movie playing as a bonus.  Yeah.

So, I can dip into my Mustang fund (or not pay the water bill in April) and spend $140 on two tickets to see a movie and see one of my favorite screenwriter/producer/director/actors speak, OR, I can wait to see the movie in a regular theater and spend $140 on two tickets, a soda, a large popcorn and some Jujyfriuts.  Ha!  Did you see that?  I made a joke about the price of shit at movie theaters!!  Ok then….

Check out the teaser trailer for the film here.
Read the Sundance review of the film here.

Or don’t.  Whatev.



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