I promised to tell you what was in my Christmas package from last night.  Since I have more than 5 seconds tonight, I shall oblige.

KINDLE!!! – Yay to the yay-ah!!  I love to read so this is awesome for me.  The downside:  I love to do my reading on my bus commute to and from work.  After the recent news story, which I linked in a previous post (sorry….not gonna link it again) about a pregnant chick getting a beat down for her iPod, I don’t think I want to take it on public transit with me.  Boo.  Whatev’s.  I’ll manage.  I did take it for a test run in bed last night  (that could SO be taken out of context) and found that it’s going to take some getting used to how to hold it (again…..dirty mind taking over) so that I don’t keep pushing the buttons that turn the page.  I’m too giggly to continue with this……  heehee.

LEFT FOR DEAD 1 & 2 – (for Bruce’s XBOX) I am not coordinated enough to play such games, (there are like 16 buttons on an XBOX controller…..I have 10 fingers. ‘Nuff said) but I do loves me some zombies.  So, this gift, intended for my hubs, is a gift for me too.  Even though I can’t participate in the controller part of it, I love watching other people play.  Let’s face it, with the graphics these days, it’s like watching a movie where it is absolutely acceptable, and encouraged, for me to yell “Get out of the way bitch!  Ahhhhh!!  They’re coming for you!!  Get a pipe bomb!!”  Yay for zombies!

SNUGGIE – I have made so much fun of these damn things that I am embarrassed to say that I really kinda like it.

I also got a bunch of my Nana’s vintage costume jewelery, little purses, etc.  That stuff might just be my favorite part of it all.  Because it’s kinda priceless.  Love ya, Nan.

Thanks to my mom for sending this stuff to us.  You rock.

Merry Christmas!  Oh!  And Happy Solstice! 



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4 responses to “Gifty-ness!

  • Kage

    i hate to prove what an uneducated oaf i am, but…um, is a kindle one of those electronic book thingummys?if so, whacha gonna read? who and what do you like?oh geez, i'm sorry. i just realized that might have come as a bit of a shock. i prolly should give you some warning before i said something sorta normal. uh, shit fuck boobs oxycontin!there we go. that should even things out.

  • Heather (aka Sugar Free)

    Yes, my dear. It's an electronic book thingummy. :o) It took me about 7 seconds to open it, plug it in and download a book. (I'm a total book nerd) What book? Ann Rule: No RegretsOh yeah…..and knock it off with that normal shit, will ya!!SF

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.- David

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