I don’t feel like thinking of a title for this post

I’m grumpy because I broke a tooth.  I have to go to the dentist.  I hate dentist.  Boo. I can’t eat anything but soup so I’m hungry.  I can’t see the dentist until Monday which means I’m going to be a pissy little bitch for the next 5 days.  A hungry, pissy, anxiety filled little bitch with low blood sugar. Both of my jaw joints are artificial so it makes a trip to the dentist not just uncomfortable, but downright painful and difficult.  Yes, I’ve been known to have big fat tears pouring down my cheeks during a routine cleaning.  And the visit always takes 3 times as long because I have to make them stop every 5 minutes so I can rest my jaw.  It’s also next to impossible to get a decent x-ray when both sides of your head are filled with metal.  The one time I saw a dentist that was more than happy to give me the happy gas ended up being a big fat fail too because apparently I don’t breathe while I’m in that chair. Happy Gas + no air intake = ineffective.  Boo again.


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